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Buy Oil Paintings Online

Discover contemporary oil paintings for sale today. We sell hundreds of exclusive artworks in our online gallery, featuring styles as diverse as art deco, figurative and surreal. Explore original artwork today to find the perfect new painting for your home.

buy oil paintings online


One leading contemporary oil painter is Paul Bennett, whose abstract landscapes and seascapes use colour to capture light and space in nature. Another is Fintan Whelan, who combines colour pigments with oils and varnishes to paint with sleek, harmonious brushstrokes. For more intense, emotional oil paintings, browse the ghostly portraits of Lee Ellis, whose subjects strike the viewer with deep contrasts and bursts of colour.

Oil paintings are the oldest forms of art, which have now become popular all over the world. In this kind of artwork, regular paint is blended with a drying oil to create an innovative masterpiece, full of varied color schemes and magnificent effects. The addition of oil gives a luminous glow to these paintings, which are widely used to beautify homes, offices, and hotels.

The most special thing about oil paintings is their expressiveness and spatial features, which make even small details on canvas seem life-like. So, to offer you a painting experience that is realistic and unique, Pisarto welcomes you to discover rare pieces at their modern-style online art gallery. Our virtual art museum consists of beautiful oil paintings that you can shop to give a fresh outlook to your room.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can browse the latest collection of oil paintings on Pisarto. Buy one or more of these artworks to add a distinctive aspect to any interior or exterior design. Below are some of the different forms of oil paintings on canvas available for you to choose from.

Capturing the essence of lofty mountains, boundless forests, calm water bodies, and other natural sceneries is the central element of such paintings. They also depict different countryside and city views, adding a vibrant and colorful factor to the surroundings and lending your space a warm and refreshing ambiance.

This kind of art has a human-like personality and mood; a great example would be the world-famous Monalisa painting. These kinds of paintings have a deeper meaning and are placed in your study room or creative space. Such human figurative paintings can also act as an inspiration, so you can hang them to boost positivity and motivation at work, at home, or a recreational area.

You can cover the walls of your living room or bedroom with planks of reclaimed barn wood and mount your favorite modern oil painting on it. Make sure to consider opting for abstract paintings for such a setting as they pair well with the nature of wood.

The best way to clean your Buddha oil painting, landscape paintings, etc., is by using a soft cloth dipped in a soapy water solution. Here are a few easy tips you can use to maintain oil paintings at home:

There is no doubt that oil painting is a diverse and popular genre, with artists able to adapt and adopt a variety of techniques to bring their visions to life. Before pigments and materials became widely available, artists used protein-based ingredients and animal fat as a binder to make their own oil paint and extracted colour sources from a wide range of medium, making it an inherently creative, fluid and highly visual style. If you are looking to buy an oil painting online, it can be helpful to understand the many differing techniques used in oil paintings:

Technique 2 - Chiaroscuro: Chiaroscuro was a technique adopted by many renaissance artists such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio. These paintings offer a significant contrast between light and dark. This technique creates a 3D illusion and pushes the subject to the foreground.

Technique 4 - Scumbling: Scumbling refers to the technique of using a dry, stiff brush and applying thin layers of paint to canvas. Artists such as Turner was a big fan of this technique. Scumbling paintings do not always have a smooth finish and often some of the under-painting remains exposed.

Technique 3 - Impasto: Van-Gough often used the Impasto technique in his artwork. These paintings feature purposeful strokes of thick paint. Each brush stroke is visible in the finished piece. Artists commonly mix colours directly on the canvas. Some oil paintings for sale in our store feature a combination of the Impasto technique and other styles in order to make the area more prominent in the piece.

Gauguin discovered it really tough to re-insert himself into the art world and suffered to make a living when he showed up. In 1886, the artist showed almost 20 paintings at the last Impressionists exhibit, the Beauty salon des Refusés. Although Gauguin dealt with other Impressionists, he was not part of the group nor did his paintings have an Impressionist style. He ultimately broke off with Pissarro because of their distinction in creative views - Pissarro was leaning towards Pointillism. Gauguin wanted to go in a different direction then what was being produced in Europe at the time, and felt dissatisfied in the method Impressionists mimicked what they saw, finding it essential to add more symbolic depth to art. Him and other artists like Charles Laval, Émile Schuffenecker, Emile Bernard, among others, took a trip to Pont-Aven, a commune in Northwestern France, developing paintings with locations of pure and bold colors, together with Symbolist characteristics. This motion ended up being called the Pont-Aven School, and many artists looked for motivation in exotic cultures, like the beautiful masks that came to Europe from Africa.

In 1888, Gauguin traveled to Arles, where Vincent Van Gogh was anxiously awaiting his arrival. The Dutch painter wanted that Gauguin would join him in his studio, the Yellow Home. They collaborated for around nine weeks but had major opposing views on their production, and ultimately entered into a major argument that results in Van Gogh's crisis and they took their different methods. It remained in 1891 that Gauguin took his most considerable trip in his life with the intent of getting away the traditional and synthetic aspects of civilization. It was his very first time in Tahiti, and he was removed from overall esthetic influences of the area. He signed up whatever he might with sketches, photos, prints, and paintings. Lady with a Flower was the first portrait he painted of a regional woman.

Rated 5 out of 5Impression SunriseI have received many compliments on the paintings I purchased and I'm very happy with the professional service. Exceptional work is done on this painting! The paintin...Thom - 2 years ago

To buy art online or offline we focus almost exclusively in impressionist and post-impressionist painters that are globally recognised and are collected across the world. Each of the painters represented by our gallery, will invariably, also be represented in numerous museums around the world.

Knowing the artist and their history is essential when looking to buy fine art paintings online. Hence, we have also included extensive biographies (where available) on each of the artists we represent. We also keep an extensive archive of previous works which we have sold by each painter. We hope in the future this archive will become a valuable research tool for others.

One of the first things to think about when buying paintings online is the artist. Take some time to research the different artists whose work you are interested in. Read about their backgrounds and look at examples of their work to get a feel for their style. This will help you narrow down your search and find the right painting for you.

We encourage you to explore the many original oil paintings for sale at Saatchi Art. Our online inventory of oil paintings for sale by artist include a vast selection of works that is sure match your personal style and space.

If you are interested in buying handmade oil paintings online, there are a few different places you can look. First, you can start by checking out leading, curated online art galleries like the ones mentioned in this post, or by doing an easy search on Google. You may also be able to find oil paintings for sale on social media, like Facebook and Instagram.

For 12 years, I was a full-time, independent artist. But now I spend most of my time curating art, teaching customers how to shop for art online, and promoting other emerging and well-known artists online.

Sometimes the results may not be as you expected. If the painting still looks dark or discoloured this can be due to yellowed varnish or the dirt being under the varnish layer. In order to bring back the paintings original colours, the varnish will need to be removed by a professional restorer. For information about our professional services please see our oil painting section.

A full time artist based in North Yorkshire, Stephen was originally trained in sculpture. Mainly self taught as a painter, Stephen's work is a mix of acrylic paintings, paper cut-outs and paper mosaics. His subject matter is wide ranging, including nudes, geometric abstracts and still lifes, all with the core elements of vibrant colour, bold shapes and strong composition.

The Afremov family and Afremov Studio has opened this online art gallery to give art lovers all over the world a chance to enjoy and buy Afremov paintings in an easy and convenient way. But before you proceed to the first page, let us tell you a little more about this wonderful artist and his peculiar style!

To add volume to his works, the artist uses a very peculiar Impasto technique. By laying oil paint in thick overlapping strokes, he created a layered texture that gives his paintings a distinct three-dimensional sense. 041b061a72


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