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Where To Buy Vichy Catalan Water [REPACK]

The area where Vichy Catalan comes from is north of Barcelona and has been inhabited from prehistory and Roman times. Hot, effervescent water is bubbling from the source in the area and revered by many for the hot thermal water that surfaces.

where to buy vichy catalan water

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Vichy Catalan is a trademark for water from a source in Gerona in Catalonia and is drunk everywhere in Barcelona. Pineo water comes from springs located in the unspoilt and protected nature of Estamariu in the Spanish Pyrenees. Pineo water is bottled in glass bottles straight from the source, thus ensuring the water stays pure and natural.

Description: Evian is a medium-mineral still spring water from France. The source is a spring in the french town of Évian-les-Bains where water that originally fell as snow in the French Alps emerges after 15 years of filtering through rock layers. They recently introduced an unflavored sparkling version and even have a facial spray (which yes, is just the water).

Description: Icelandic Glacial is a low-mineral spring water from the Hlíðarendi Spring in southwest Iceland which is part of the Ölfus Spring System. Rainfall and snow replenishes the spring system each year, most of which naturally flows into the sea, with the Hlíðarendi Spring being the only site where it flows to the surface and from where it is collected and bottled. It is the only bottling facility we have found whose brand name is visible from space on the roof. Icelandic Glacial is known for its unique glacial-ice-shaped clear bottles and is available in still and sparkling versions.

Bottled Water Availability: Perrier sells glass, PET, and aluminum versions ranging from 200 ml to 1 liter. They have an unusually small 200 ml glass bottle as well as a unique slim aluminum can. Perrier is available through virtually every retail, hospitality, and e-commerce channel where water can be found. A twelve-pack of 1-liter PET bottles can be purchased on Amazon for $24, or a 4-pack of 330 ml glass bottles for $4.

Bottled Water Availability: San Pellegrino has become one of the most widely available premium mineral waters in the world. It is particularly prominent in the fine dining space where it has become nearly synonymous with the idea of bottled water for the table. It is available in glass, PET, and aluminum cans ranging in size from 250 ml to 1 liter and can be found in a wide array of retail, hospitality, and e-commerce channels. Retail prices are very affordable, with a twelve-pack of 1 liter PET bottles available on Amazon for $19 or a single 1-liter glass bottle for $2.29 from Whole Foods.

Description: Ice Mountain is a medium-mineral mass-market still artesian water bottled from eight different springs in the US Great Lakes region, with a focus on three springs in Michigan where 95% of the volume comes from. They produce a sparkling version. 041b061a72


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