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the black prince was a third-rate, two-masted caravel built by the english on the orders of edward, the black prince. she was a merchant ship with a beam of 17.1 metres, a length of 63.1 metres, and a draught of 2.9 metres. her sister ships, the white ship and the grey ship, had a beam of 16.6 metres, a length of 60.5 metres, and a draught of 3.0 metres. the black prince was armed with 36 guns and had a crew of 350 men. the sainte-marie was also a three-masted caravel, named after the virgin mary and captured at the first battle of sluis. the ship was armed with 48 guns and had a crew of..

Download The Black Prince 3 Hd 720p

the princes army and the vanguard of the french army arrived in gascony on 26 september. the king was accompanied by his queen, his brother the duke of berry, their daughters joan of kent, isabella of france, and mary of anjou, with many other prisoners. edward remained in the company of his knights, along with many of his leading subjects. the army marched for a further month and a half, encountering no serious resistance. they covered around 120 miles a day, resting at night in a village just off the road. on 10 october they reached limoges and rested for a while before starting on..

this is a fascinating story in which the french commander raymond, count of toulouse, demonstrates the extent to which knowledge of the prince's plans and movements in the vicinity of poitiers was in the king's possession. such knowledge, he would have been well aware, was vital to the outcome of the battle. the prince, he may have felt, was in no position to challenge his knowledge. indeed, given that the french were clearly outnumbered and that he had just suffered a major defeat, the prince may have even welcomed the knowledge that he could be dealt with at a later date. after all, the loss of a major battle..


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