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Fattu Saala Full Movie Download: Where to Find it Legally and Illegally

Fattu Saala: A Crime Thriller Set in the Slums of Mumbai

If you are looking for a gritty and realistic crime thriller that explores the dark side of Mumbai's underworld, then you might want to check out Fattu Saala. This Hindi film, released in 2015, tells the story of Fateh Khan, aka Fattu Bhai, a gangster who ends up being betrayed and killed by his own friends. Directed by Aziz Zee, who also plays the lead role, Fattu Saala is a low-budget film that has been shot in the slums of Mumbai to give it an authentic feel. The film also stars Shawar Ali, Mummaith Khan, DJ Akbar Sami, and Ishq Bector.

hindi film Fattu Saala full movie download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Fattu Saala, including its plot, cast, crew, reviews, ratings, and how to watch it online. We will also discuss the legal and illegal ways to download Fattu Saala full movie, as well as the pros and cons of doing so. Finally, we will suggest some of the best alternatives to Fattu Saala full movie download that you can enjoy instead.

What is Fattu Saala about?

Fattu Saala is a crime thriller that revolves around the life and death of Fateh Khan, a notorious gangster who operates in the slums of Mumbai. Fateh Khan, also known as Fattu Bhai, is a ruthless and cunning leader who has a loyal group of followers. He is involved in various illegal activities such as extortion, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, and gambling. He also has a soft spot for his girlfriend Zara, who is a bar dancer.

However, Fateh Khan's life takes a turn for the worse when he gets into a conflict with another gangster named Chotu. Chotu is jealous of Fateh Khan's success and wants to take over his territory. He hatches a plan to eliminate Fateh Khan with the help of his own friends. He bribes some of Fateh Khan's trusted men to betray him and shoot him dead. Fateh Khan is unaware of this conspiracy and falls into Chotu's trap.

The film follows Fateh Khan's rise and fall in the world of crime, as well as the aftermath of his death. It shows how his friends deal with their guilt and remorse, how his enemies celebrate their victory, and how his girlfriend mourns his loss. It also exposes the harsh realities of life in the slums of Mumbai, where violence, poverty, corruption, and betrayal are common.

The plot of Fattu Saala

The film begins with a flashback scene where Fateh Khan is seen as a young boy living in the slums with his mother. His father was killed by a rival gangster when he was a child. Fateh Khan grows up with a desire to become rich and powerful like his father. He joins a local gang led by Raja Bhai and learns the tricks of the trade. He soon becomes Raja Bhai's right-hand man and earns his respect and trust.

One day, Raja Bhai assigns Fateh Khan a task to kidnap a businessman's son and demand a ransom. Fateh Khan successfully executes the plan and earns a lot of money. He also meets Zara, the bar dancer, who becomes his girlfriend. Fateh Khan is happy with his life and dreams of becoming the king of the slums.

However, things start to change when Raja Bhai decides to retire from the crime business and hand over his empire to Fateh Khan. Fateh Khan is overjoyed and accepts the offer. He becomes the new boss of the slums and renames himself as Fattu Bhai. He expands his operations and recruits more men. He also makes new enemies, such as Chotu, who is a rival gangster.

Chotu is envious of Fattu Bhai's wealth and power and wants to destroy him. He plots to kill Fattu Bhai with the help of some of his friends, who are also Fattu Bhai's men. He bribes them with money and promises them a share in his territory. He also convinces them that Fattu Bhai is a selfish and cruel leader who does not care about them. He tells them that Fattu Bhai is planning to kill them all and run away with Zara.

The traitors agree to join Chotu's plan and wait for the right opportunity to strike. They find out that Fattu Bhai is going to attend a party at a hotel with Zara. They decide to ambush him there and shoot him dead. They inform Chotu about their plan and he gives them his approval.

On the day of the party, Fattu Bhai arrives at the hotel with Zara and his loyal men. He is unaware of the danger that awaits him. He enjoys the party and dances with Zara. Meanwhile, the traitors sneak into the hotel with guns and masks. They locate Fattu Bhai's room and break into it. They open fire at Fattu Bhai and his men, killing them all. Zara is also shot in the crossfire and dies in Fattu Bhai's arms.

Chotu arrives at the scene and confirms that Fattu Bhai is dead. He laughs and celebrates his victory. He takes over Fattu Bhai's territory and becomes the new king of the slums.

The film then shifts to the present day, where a journalist named Ravi is investigating Fattu Bhai's murder case. He interviews some of Fattu Bhai's friends, enemies, and associates, who reveal their perspectives on his life and death. He also uncovers some secrets and mysteries that were hidden from the public eye.

The film ends with Ravi publishing his report on Fattu Bhai's story, exposing the truth behind his rise and fall in the world of crime.

The cast and crew of Fattu Saala

Fattu Saala is directed by Aziz Zee, who also plays the role of Fateh Khan/Fattu Bhai in the film. Aziz Zee is a filmmaker, actor, writer, singer, and composer, who has worked in various genres such as horror, comedy, thriller, drama, and romance. Some of his other films are The Last Horror, 1978 - A Teen Night Out, Kuch Pal Pyar Ke, and The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City.

The film also stars Shawar Ali as Chotu, Mummaith Khan as Zara, DJ Akbar Sami as Raja Bhai, Ishq Bector as Rocky, Nofel Izz as Sunny, Shabaz Khan as Inspector Khan, Ritam Bhardwaj as Ravi, Madhurima Tuli as Ravi's wife, Gaurav Ghai as Bunty, Mahesh Gahlot as Lala, Rajesh Jais as Shetty, Nimit Vaishnav as Raju, Imran Hasnee as Salim Chacha, Anant Jog as Commissioner Deshmukh, Arun Bakshi as Minister Patil, Sunil Pal as Changu Mangu, Ehsaan Qureshi as Pandit Ji, Rajpal Yadav as Pappi Da Dhaba Owner b70169992d


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