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Chhello Divas: A New Beginning - Download the Full Gujarati Comedy Movie in MP4 263

Chhello Divas Full Gujarati Movie Download In Mp4 263

If you are a fan of Gujarati comedy movies, you might have heard of Chhello Divas, a 2015 film that follows the lives of eight friends in their last year of college. The movie was a huge hit among the Gujarati audience and received positive reviews from critics as well. The movie was also dubbed in Hindi as Days of Tafree.

Chhello Divas Full Gujarati Movie Download In Mp4 263

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But what if you want to watch Chhello Divas full movie again or share it with your friends? You might be looking for a way to download Chhello Divas full movie in mp4 263 format, which is a compressed video format that saves space and bandwidth. In this article, we will tell you how to do that, but first, let's take a look at what Chhello Divas movie is all about.

Chhello Divas Movie Story Line

Chhello Divas - A New Beginning is a Gujarati comedy film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film revolves around eight college friends who are about to graduate and face the challenges of adulthood. The film explores their friendship, love, career, family and dreams through hilarious situations and dialogues.

The main characters of the film are:

  • Vicky (Malhar Thakkar), a smart and witty guy who wants to become a filmmaker.

  • Loy (Mitra Gadhvi), a chubby and funny guy who has a crush on his teacher.

  • Dhulo (Arjav Trivedi), a studious and sincere guy who wants to study abroad.

  • Bhamro (Rahul Raval), a flirtatious and adventurous guy who loves bikes.

  • Isha (Netri Trivedi), Vicky's girlfriend who wants to marry him.

  • Naresh (Mayur Chauhan), Vicky's cousin who helps him with his filmmaking dreams.

  • Pooja (Janki Bodiwala), Loy's teacher who has a secret relationship with him.

  • Nisha (Kinjal Rajpriya), Dhulo's girlfriend who supports him in his studies.

The film shows how these friends enjoy their last days of college, deal with their personal issues, make fun of each other, and ultimately realize the value of their friendship.

Chhello Divas Movie Cast and Crew

The film features a talented cast of young actors who delivered brilliant performances. The cast includes:


Malhar ThakkarVicky

Mitra GadhviLoy

Arjav TrivediDhulo

Rahul RavalBhamro

Netri TrivediIsha

Mayur ChauhanNaresh

Janki BodiwalaPooja

Kinjal RajpriyaNisha