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Eragon Full Movie Online Free No Download [UPDATED]

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Eragon Full Movie Online Free No Download

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Remake the eragon movie it did not follow the book made it boring an uninteresting would be nice to have a reboot make it more like the book when make people want to watch it more especially eragon fans

I never read the books, with that said loved the eragon movie many critics that read books over think the process. Obviously you can put a novel into 2.5 hours or even an 1.5 hours so stuff is left out. I feel sorry for all the people who loved the movie like i did that never read the books.

Movie was great. Could be the as big of a box office seller as harry potter if made with a better directer a nd allowing the author be more hands on with the movie. Or even a series would be great so the story can be explained alot better! Each eragon book can be easily made for 2 movies so it can show waaay more detail of each book. Loved the books loved the movie!

Yes I would love to watch eragon 2 when I watched eragon it reminded me of of dream works how to train your dragon it had a lot similarities,eragon would be better with the same characters,17 year old Eragon is good character ,like Astrid and Hicup they start there movie as young and end with kids as chief


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