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Yoga Can Help With High Blood Pressure

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Yoga Can Help With High Blood Pressure | A New Me.Club
Yoga Can Help With High Blood Pressure

Yoga has proven to be an effective method of controlling high blood pressure when specific exercises are used.

Contrary to what many people with high blood pressure are lead to believe the inverted yoga positions can have a very positive affect on your high blood pressure.

Now before going any further you should be warned that if you do have high blood pressure you will need to consult with your doctor so as to ensure that you are not doing anything that will endanger your health as all people are affected differently depending on their state of health.

Having said that I can explain a little further about the inverted yoga positions and how they can affect your blood pressure and bring about necessary improvements.

When your body is in an inverted position you can reverse the effect that gravity has on your body as your legs and abdomen are in a position higher than your heart. This assists in the blood flowing more easily through the veins to the heart and thereby reducing the blood pressure at the feet and lower parts of the body giving them the opportunity to rest.

This drainage of the blood and the waste from the lower part of the body can also help reduce the incidence of other problems such as swollen ankles and varicose veins.

The change in the effect that gravity has on the circulation of the blood through your body helps to cleanse your body and in doing so improves the health and condition of your veins and your circulation system.

This improves circulation and the removal of toxins from your system has shown to help many people reduce the blood pressure to more acceptable levels without the need to medication.

Performing this poses on a regular basis will continue to improve your circulation and for some people this has resulted in the elimination of the need to take medication at all.

For many people high blood pressure is also a result of other factors in their lives such as anxiety and this can be reduced somewhat by doing yoga exercises regularly.

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