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Clementines are small, sweet fruits grown by crossing the mandarin and the sweet orange. Commercially available Clementines are usually seedless, with a thin, easily peeled skin. Our Clementine Oil is cold-pressed from the rind of citrus nobilis fruits grown in Italy.


Common Use: Clementine is an uplifting, revitalizing essential oil. Diffuse or mix into a blend for topical application.


Aromatic Scent: Clementine Essential Oil has a fresh, crisp citrus aroma


Cautions: Clementine Essential Oil, like most citrus oils, contains significant levels of natural chemicals (furanocoumarins) which can cause phototoxicity. Avoid direct sunlight after using clementine topically. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Clementine Pure Essential Oil - 15ml

SKU: 89e9bc54
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