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Beauty - Flavored with Spearmint Watermelon Organic Waters and Rose Oils, was designed to beautify. VitaStik is the simplest and most pure aromatherapy and vitamin diffuser product on the market. We call it Vitamin Aromatherapy for short.


Our Enhanced Air Diffuser works by filling the air around the user with the purest Organics curated from every corner of the Earth. The Vitamins, Essential Oils and Organic Flavors are atomized into a fine mist vapor that will bathe your body and soul in healing aromas.


No Chemicals, No Calories, No Sugars, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Kosher


This refreshing and sweet combo is one of our top three most popular flavors.

VitaStik Beauty - Youth Edition - Minty Watermelon Vitamin Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • I'm a freshman in college, and i wanted to be able to blend into the social scene and parties by using a vape device, but i was not at all interested in a nicotine addiction. This VitaStik is better than anything else I could have bought! the flavors are wonderful, and the mood boost that I get from them is great! - Anonymous


    Found out about VitaStik from my sister so I bought one and loved it so much a few days laster bought my second one the flavors are amazing and there's no nicotine or anything toxic in them! 100% would recommend. - Hannah M.


    I've never Vape before so this is the first product I've purchased. I wanted something nicotine free that tasted good and this has been absolutely perfect. Has an awesome flavor and smells really good too! - Carrie S.

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