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The Black VitaStik, highly talked about in social media. Everyone loves black, but with this stick, the question is have you tried Fresh Ginger?
If you like Organic Ginger, mixed with Raw Honey, and a hint of Chamomile Lemon Tea, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this new formula. Enhanced with Reishi Mushroom Extract, Lemon Oils, and Ginger Oils to help detoxify and cleanse the respiratory system.  If you're feeling sick, there is nothing like the warm soothing flavors of Ginger, Honey, Lemon and Chamomile.  
Our VitaStik Diffuser gently heats these Organic Waters to recreate a homemade warm cup of Tonic Tea Grandma would make. Every inhalation is like a fresh cup of warm Ginger Tea mixed into our Vitamin Inhaler.
Made with REAL Organic Ginger, Raw Honey, Lemon, Chamomile, and Reishi Mushroom Extract

VitaStik Wellness Tonic | Ginger Honey Lemon Vitamin Inhaler

  • My husband and I have been Vitastik users for a little while now, this is probably his favorite one! He loves the taste and swears that this is why he hasn't gotten the flu yet this year! He uses this one every night while he is reading and relaxing! - Amanda B.


    Living on a college campus sickness is rampant. However after I used the Wellness tonic I felt and instant relief, very much like I had just dranken a cup of tea. It felt like I was home and being taken care of. - Carli B.


    I get stomach issues, and the raw ginger in this helps to calm my issues. I also looked into Reishi Mushroom Extract, powerful stuff! Going to try when I'm feeling a cold coming on, plus Vitamins C. Good mix, I'll update again next time. - Anonymous

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