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Valentine Hearts | A New Me.Club

Valentine's Day Specials


will surely love these chocolate delights that allow you to take in all your daily experiences and special moments with more relaxed awareness, enthusiasm, and ease.

FREE Shipping Available!

There's still time to celebrate your Valentine !!

Strawberry Bon Bon

Creamy 66% dark chocolate infused with dried strawberries coated in a shell of dark chocolate. Finished with a touch more strawberries.


"My favorite! the perfect balance of strawberries and chocolate. Plus they make me feel amazing after!" - Hannah



A high quality 66% dark chocolate enrobes raw pecans and a vegan caramel filling, finished with a little maldon salt to compliment and bring in all the rich flavors.


"OMG… my absolute FAVORITE! The nit is so crunchy and the flavor just melts!" - Melissa G.


A sun-dried Medjool date, pecan, walnut, chocolate filling dipped in high quality 66% dark chocolate. Each truffle is finished with cacao nibs.


"What’s not to like! A truffle chocolate, smooth and Mmmmm, thank you I will have another one 😁" - Alison C.


Coffee Crunch

With a dark chocolate ganache like center, inside each of these beauties contain organic, coffee and chocolate, creamy, coconut milk, and to give it that nice textured crunch, we’ve added our organic, cacao nibs. Not only will it satisfy those chocolate cravings, but you’ll also taste the boldness of the coffee and notice the delightful pairing of flavors with our high quality bitter-sweet chocolate.

"One of my faves. You hit a home run with the extra coffee flavor!" - John M.

Mint Butter Cup

For all you mint lovers out there, this mint butter cup was designed for you! With cashew butter and peppermint extract in the center, sandwiched in between two layers of 66% dark chocolate, similar to our Peanut Butter Cup, only this butter cup will leave your mouth with sensations of tingling and freshness.


"I’m a sucker for chocolate and mint and this really delivered." - Jacob R.


Peanut Butter Cup

A smooth layer of peanut butter is surrounded by high quality 66% dark chocolate. The classic any time treat recreated for adults.


"The most delicious peanut butter cups I’ve ever had, by far. I almost can’t live without them." - Diana O.

12-Piece Collection

The flavor of LOVE, all 12 of them. One (1) each of every flavor we offer. A perfect way to share with loved ones or to find out which is your favorite flavor.

"I got these for my mom for Mother’s Day because I’ve enjoyed them before and she loved them! Beautifully packaged and you can tell there’s a lot of love that goes into making them." - Kimberly



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