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Yoga Can Help With Constipation

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Yoga Can Help With Constipation | A New Me.Club
Yoga Can Help With Constipation

There are three main causes of constipation and unless there are other health related problems, addressing these three factors will eliminate constipation in the majority of people.

By eliminating constipation from your life other problems such as hemorrhoids will be an unpleasant experience that you won't have to endure.

The main causes of constipation are a lack of fiber in the diet, dehydration and a sedentary lifestyle.

Without going into dietary recommendations, which is another topic altogether, by simply increasing the consumption of foods that are high in fiber into your diet it will go a long way to reducing and eliminating problems of constipation.

It is very easy to remain hydrated by simply drinking water throughout the day. You don't need to go over board and drink gallons of water to remain hydrated and in fact drinking too much water can be detrimental to your health but flushing out some of the good nutrition that your body needs. Keeping everything in moderation is always the best policy.

And finally we get to the problem of a sedentary lifestyle and this is where you will get a lot of benefit by adding yoga to your weekly regime.

Constipation is more prevalent with elderly people simply because they are less inclined to exercise.

Any exercise that helps to compress the abdominal area of the body will also help to reduce the possibility of constipation suffering by activating the muscles and aiding and assisting the digestive organs to function more efficiently.

A good exercise for this is the standing knee squeeze where you stand beside a chair for support and breathe in and out several times before raising your knee up towards your chest on the final out breath.

At the top of the leg raise use your free arm to pull your leg closer to your chest for extra extension. Once you have the balance to do this without the assistance of a chair you can use both arms to pull your leg into your chest.

This is an excellent exercise to help those who are suffering from constipation.

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