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Serato Sample V1.3.0 [WiN]

The Decent Samples plugin is a FREE sample player plugin that allows you to play sample libraries in the DecentSampler format (files with extensions: dspreset and dslibrary). It is available in the following formats:

Serato Sample v1.3.0 [WiN]

If you want to develop samples for Decent Sampler, check out this page.If you find bugs, please report them via the contact form or add them directly to the bug tracker (you will need to make a separate account to access the bug tracker). Thanks!

The MC4000 is a 2-deck Serato DJ controller for the professional entertainer wrapping in-demand audio manipulation tools in a robust steel chassis for rugged durability. In addition to precision touch-activated jog wheels, performers get access to dedicated hot cue and sample pads for on-the-fly creativity.

In Sample Mode (blue illumination) it is possible to access all a sample deck's important parameters without having to switch the deck. This way you can quickly record, load or trigger samples. In the sample deck samples can be scratched, filtered and modulated. Moreover, you will always have a lock on volume control thanks to the sample.

The performance section* features an extensive 8-button layout which can be utilised over 2 separate layers for true versatility. On the first layer 4 hot cues can be fired off and 4 sample decks can be triggered simultaneously. Depending on the software used, other creative possibilities are available, for example the option of accessing hot cues/samples 5-8 on the second layer - or with future software updates this section can be enhanced even further with brand new performance modes (Cut'n'Slice) for live remixing.

With many reliable and renowned manufacturers, such as Native Instruments, Accusonus, Glitchmachines, and more working to deliver highly complex sampler plugins, technological and modern breakthroughs are constantly appearing in yearly releases and developments.

Some samplers are adequate to create pads and particular lengthy sound effects, while others, known as phrase samplers, or drum samplers, are usually optimal for one-shot effects, such as a kick or snare sound.

A good amount of samplers can store many audio samples for playing them simultaneously; for example, after inserting two recordings of different voices, you can align those to belong at the same instrument, producing one individual voice.

Samplers will use the recorded sound information of any audio sample to create something musical. Generally, you will be adding a recorded audio file or using the factory audio files of the plugin and setting specific parameters for the sound they want to come out of the sampler.

With filters, a piece of frequency information can be delineated so that the notes will only play a specific frequency range of a recorded audio file. One can, for instance, set two values for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release in two different samples, which the plugin will play simultaneously to get a fuller or more rhythmic sound.

Overall, Waves CR8 is a basic but intuitive sampler ideal for people who prefer a minimalistic workflow. It comes with 2,500 free samples and over eight hundred presets. Furthermore, it offers a standalone sample manager that integrates with the sampler.

The manager alone is handy, thanks to its automatic tagging feature. So, if you have a hoard of samples that wastes your time just finding the right one, Waves CR8 is a viable, ultra-cheap option.

It uses AI technology to analyze your countless samples and organize them into categories based on their common characteristics. It aims to speed up creating cohesive and interesting drum kits and make creating beats an easy process.

Initial Slice is a convenient sampler for creating unique and exciting loops. The plugin provides a Drum Sequencer feature that will intuitively help anyone achieve fantastic results for crafting unique drum patterns and sequences. With a Bass Sequencer and Slice Sequencer, you will explore different melodies and rhythms in a piano roll display.

Its main controls panel is fully equipped with the best effects and controls that any paid sampler could offer. Along with its complete performance, the plugin also is surprisingly effective for delivering high-quality drum patterns.

Polygon 2 is an upgraded version of the renowned Polygon sampler. This new version features an immense field of possibilities for any producer and sound designer that wants unique and complex sound effects or instrumental tones. With many exciting features, the Granular Engine grabs extra attention with its easy-to-use controls and in-depth parameters.

Be ready to introduce unique and specially customized sound effects by changing many sonic textures and characters with the sophisticated and unique sampler by Glitchmachines. Another splendid sampler from Glitchmachines is Palindrome. Check it out as well.

With the Accusonus drum sampler Rhytmiq, anybody can produce exciting and detailed drum patterns and loops. By providing a high amount of freedom to assign controls and operations in your MIDI devices, Rhytmiq fits perfectly for fast-paced productions. The Beat Assistant will work with you to deliver perfect changes in textures for smooth or aggressive delivery.

Serato Sample is an incredible sampler that features extremely modern and technological algorithms. The time-stretching and key-shifting controls will completely manipulate the sample, which the plugin will organically make the effects through complex codes and data.

The award-winning Regroover by Accusonus will be the ideal tool for creatively recreating loops with freedom and control. By using intricate Artificial Intelligence, Regroover will let you redefine whatever texture and pattern in any drum mix while changing the tempo, rhythm, and parameters found in every layer of the audio sample.

Sampling has come a long way since the early days of Akai hardware. Nowadays, there are plenty of high-quality sampler VST plugins on the market that can help you stretch, chop, re-pitch, and mangle samples to create complex and out-of-this-world music.

Though samples gained popularity in the hip-hop world, today you'll find samples in various genres including EDM, pop, hip-hop, alternative, and more. The sampler has become a major instrument in the arsenals of modern music producers.

Serato Sample comes from one of the most celebrated pieces of DJ software on the market. Sample was Serato's first dip into the plugin realm, and this sampler VST is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking VSTs that we have seen in years. It's incredibly powerful with a wide range of editing features and sample management modules, enabling you to chop, snip, and transpose samples in any way you please. Plus, we can't go without mentioning the top-of-the-line time-stretching algorithm that Serato Sample uses.

The sampling engine can be set up to chop 16 samples, which you can either choose manually or allow the software to choose itself. With built-in samples and pads, you can layer and blend your samples to give them more depth.

Lastly, the plugin makes it very easy to find samples, which is great for creating a more efficient workflow. Even if you have several gigabytes of sample libraries, you can find what you're looking for in a pinch.

It's quite fitting that this creative sampler VST has such an eccentric name, as it is certainly one of the most unique plugin options on the market today. You'll find an infinite amount of power in this plugin with plenty of beat variations in one easy-to-use interface.

Overall, Rhythmiq provides you with a unique and exciting way to perform with your drum samples, as well as a top-notch suite of functions, perfect for those who are in need of a bit more creative processing.

In the world of software samplers, TAL Sampler is somewhat of a legend. For how long it's been around, it's not surprising how large the legion of followers this thing has is. The difference between this plugin and other software sample player plugins, which take pride in making sure the sound production is pristine and of the highest quality, TAL adds a little bit of grit and distinct character to every piece of audio that passes through it. It's very much like using an old hardware sampler.

Like other samplers on this list, you get access to a few multi-mode oscillating filters and plenty of music mangling capabilities. What really sets TAL apart from other samplers, however, is the output section. You can choose from a wide range of top-of-the-line digital-analog converters, recreating the characteristic elements of old-school analog circuitry that was only found in hardware.

If you've ever used old hardware samplers, then you might be familiar with the gritty and edgy attitude that they had. This was all thanks to the circuitry limitations hardware builders had back in the day. It can be quite challenging for software developers to recreate this in their software samplers, which is why you don't often hear it. However, TAL did an excellent job incorporating this bit of analog goodness.

Reason Studios released Mimic as one of its built-in sampler VST instruments. The cool thing is that you can use this plugin no matter what DAW you use. It's so easy to make it part of your workflow. Plus, beyond acting as one of the best samplers around, this plugin comes with many other effects, utilities, and synths.

For starters, you can use it to play melodies and chords, thanks to the fact that it's a pitch-based sampler. To preserve the timing of each of your samples as you change the pitch, you can choose from one of the many pitch-shifting algorithms. 041b061a72


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