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Minecraft Bedrock Edition APK Download - Discover New Biomes, Mobs, and Blocks in the Nether

As we know, the Nether in MCPE has not been updated since the early versions of the game. So it has already bored many players. Developers at Mojang decided to fix this by devoting an entire branch to a bottom-world upgrade. They added many new blocks, mobs, and even the possibility of respawning in the Nether.

This block is one of the most exciting innovations in Minecraft PE It allows you to set a spawn point right in Hell. But it is worth considering that the charge of the Renaissance anchor at each revival will decrease. It can be loaded up to a maximum of 4 units with a luminous stone.

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With the release of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, four new mobs appeared in the game. Among them, the strider deserves special attention. This creature seems near lava lakes and can walk on lava. It is neutral to the player and can be tamed. Strider is the only mob you can ride on lava.

Minecraft PE has five new biomes. Each has unique features. The ruins of the bastion resemble a largely destroyed castle. They consist of 4 structures, including a treasury. Also, bastion remnants the favorite place of the piglins.

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