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propellerhead's award-winning reason is a complete digital music studio with an intuitive, streamlined interface, an enormous array of synthesis, recording, and performance tools, and powerful scripting capabilities. reason offers a comprehensive set of instruments for creating music, audio editing, midi sequencing, composing, performing, and mixing. reason is composed of two main sections: the rack, which provides an intuitive interface for building virtual instruments and processing racks, and the instrument, which consists of an enormous library of both virtual and hardware instruments. reason is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats for mac os and windows (with an optional 32-bit linux version as well), and reason for ableton live offers a seamless integration between the vst and au plugins and the host. reason has a variety of rack modules for combining instruments, and a host of performance tools for generating, recording, editing, mixing, and mixing your music.

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once a rack is created, reason allows you to move tracks and channels among them and insert modules, play, edit, and automate modules' parameters, add effects, and control rack parameters with external midi devices. in addition to control using a midi keyboard, reason offers a huge variety of midi controllers, including many of the industry's best analog and digital controllers, plus many of the new laptop and ios midi controllers.

reason has a full complement of audio editing capabilities, including extensive automation, envelope-based effects, and real-time effects including de-essing, distortion, pitch correction, reverbs, signal effects, and other processing tools. reason includes a comprehensive selection of vst instrument plugins, including instruments for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, vocals, percussion, and more, plus a stunning collection of synths, including a wide variety of classic analog synths such as the korg k-1, juno 60, and arp odyssey, plus a variety of classic sampling and synthesizer hardware, such as the akai s2000 and akai mpc60.


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