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Yoga Isn't Difficult

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Yoga Isn't Difficult | A New Me.Club
Yoga Isn't Difficult

Contrary to the incorrect comments that you often hear about yoga, it isn't difficult to do. There are certainly poses and exercises that you might find difficult at your current level of fitness and there might be some that you will never be able to do for one reason or another however the basic exercises are relatively simple.

The poses and exercises that you might see on videos, DVD's and in the yoga books might seem impossible for you now but the extent that you want to advance is entirely determined by your choices.

Great benefits can be achieved with even the most basic of exercises and often people who are unfit, tense or inflexible will notice the greatest improvements in the least amount of time.

People who are concerned about taking yoga lessons due to the fact that they consider them too difficult are more than likely the ones that need it the most.

If the frail and elderly can do yoga then there is no reason why anyone can't do it.

Even the relaxation exercises will have a huge impact on the mind and the positive outlook that it can bring to a person's life.

All yoga exercises are performed at a slow and steady pace to reduce the chance of injury and no one is ever expected to stretch beyond what they are comfortably able to achieve.

As yoga is all about balance you will be focusing on stretching one side of the body and then the corresponding side. Or you will do an exercise that works the front of the body and then the back.

You will soon learn to see where there are areas that are out of balance and it is these that you will concentrate on to improve. Often one side of the body is a lot more flexible than the other and this can be due to many factors including your occupation and even whether you are left or right handed.

Start off with the basic movements and do so in a relaxed and effortless manner and you will soon find yourself progressing to more difficult poses that you will handle with ease.

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